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Weekend breaks in Yorkshire - Spice Yorkshire hosts a variety of activity weekends in Yorkshire

At Spice Yorkshire we arrange a wide range of weekend breaks both in Yorkshire and afar, designed to provide our members with a highly enjoyable weekend of socialising and fun.  The wide variety of activity weekends we offer ensures there is always something for everyone – and gives you the perfect excuse to get away from it all for a weekend break.

Activity weekends in Yorkshire

For the more daring and adventurous of our members, we organise a wide range of activity weekends in Yorkshire.   These include:

  • Fun Activity Weekend – which features canoeing and raft building, sea kyaking with seals, etc

  • Badminton Coaching Weekend, Sailing and Walking weekends

  • Mountain Biking and Pod Camping Weekend, Ghost Hunting Weekend, etc

Click here for a full list of our activity weekends in Yorkshire.

Spice Yorkshire has become such a popular social and activity group because our members represent all walks of life – we believe a broad mix of people, each with different interests and hobbies, means our members are more likely to make new friends while enjoying themselves at our activity weekends in Yorkshire.  To that end, we provide a host of different weekend breaks so that there is always something for everyone.  If the activity weekends are not your cup of tea, we have a wide selection of more socially-orientated weekend breaks in Yorkshire, including:

  • Birds Of Prey Weekend, Watercolour Painting Weekends,

  • Center Parcs Party Weekend,

  • Winter Warmer Bonfire Weekend, Bargain Breaks in Scotland,

  • Dance Weekend Extravaganza,  Murder Mystery Weekends, etc

You can find a full list of our weekend breaks in Yorkshire at our events page. 

Weekend breaks in Yorkshire

We have worked hard to put together an impressive list of activity weekends that suit everyone.  So if you fancy a weekend away from the daily grind, meeting new and interesting people and learning skills you never knew you had, and love the idea of a huge programme of friendly activity weekends Join Now and book yourself onto one of our weekend breaks in Yorkshire.

 To get all the info and find out all about weekend breaks, request our Information Pack.