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What to do in Leeds and Yorkshire | Spice Yorkshire

Here at Spice Yorkshire we take pride in the knowledge that our members always know what to do in Yorkshire.  We host a large amount of activities around Yorkshire so our members are never stuck not knowing what to do in Yorkshire and the UK as a whole.  Visit our events page for a full list of what to do in Yorkshire.   See below for a quick taster:

What to do in Yorkshire with Spice Yorkshire

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting – Get rid of that everyday stress by shooting clay rounds, out in the country, with a massive shotgun!

  • Regular Pub Meets – Join us for a sociable get-together and get to know other Spice members

  • Abseiling and Caving – let your adventurous side take over at our enjoyable and rewarding abseiling and caving events

To make sure we have events that appeal to all tastes and preferences, our list of what to do in Yorkshire features a range of different activities so that everyone can find something fulfilling and enjoyable to do.

What to do in Leeds with Spice Yorkshire

As Yorkshire’s biggest city, and one of the fastest developing cities in Europe, Leeds is a popular place for Spice Yorkshire events.  With its multitude of bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and shopping centres – figuring out what to do in Leeds can sometimes feel overwhelming.   That’s why we like to do all the hard work for you and arrange enjoyable and sociable events in Leeds.  Our events page has all the details of what to do in Leeds with Spice Yorkshire, but for now here’s a quick introduction to what to do in Leeds:

  • Casino Night at Napoleans in Leeds

  • Indoor climbing at Guiseley Climbing Wall

  • Parties at Chilli Whites in Leeds

  • Nordic Walking at Roundhay, Leeds

  • Theatre Trips at the Grand Theatre in Leeds

  • Black Tie Balls at the Met Hotel, Leeds

For more information on what to do in Leed and Yorkshire with Spice request our Information Pack.  If you’re eager to start learning what to do in Yorkshire, you can become a Spice member today by joining online.