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Spice in the City : Sheffield at Devonshire Cat

Our Saturday night on the town

Sat 16 Sep 2017
The Dev Cat, 49 Wellington St, Sheffield S1 4HG
The Devonshire Cat
Special offer if you have booked by the Tuesday beforehand!
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An informal night in the pub – chance to catch up with friends over a few drinks, find out who’s doing which events, sort transport, swap stories.

Please note this venue is not hired exclusively.

New members are advised to arrive early between 8pm & 8:30pm before the bar gets too busy. We will try to be somewhere easy to spot but if you're not sure then just call the co-ordinator as you arrive. (If you can't make it this early. please still come along as most people are usually around till 10:30 / 11pm depending upon transport arrangements).

We will have a mystery offer on the night but to be eligible for the offer you must book on Spice in the City by the Tuesday beforehand. You can book online or give us a call in the office to book. Please note if booking online that you do need to go through the checkout process after booking, even though there is no charge for the event.

Location: The Devonshire Cat is on the corner of Wellington Street and Eldon Street at the heart of Sheffield's vibrant Devonshire Quarter just a stone's throw from Division Street. If driving, there is on street parking on Eldon Street. The nearest public parks are next to the Forum Cafe and Bar at the junction of Devonshire Street and Fitzwilliam Street, or the one on Rockingham Street.

For city centre parking click here.

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