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Stone Carving for Beginners

Sun 17 Sep 2017
9:30am to 4pm
Derbyshire Eco-Centre, near Wirksworth DE4 4LS
9.30am to 4pm
£55 Member, £59 Guest
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Develop the artistic and creative side of your nature.

The workshop is designed to enable all students to explore their own creative development through the medium of stone. Join Richard, a stone carver with over 35yrs experience, who will guide you through skills and techniques required to produce your own relief carving. Students are free to create work that is based on architectural church carvings or abstract sculptural and naturalistic forms.

Advice and guidance is provided throughout, in both the design and with the tool skills needed to bring your design to life. The workshop is open to all, beginners or those with prior experience.

All tools and stone are provided and there is a diverse range of photographs to help with inspiration.

Students are advised to bring their own lunch, although drinks and light snacks are available.

Safety boots will need to be worn (these can be provided on the day) and itís advisable to wear outdoor work clothing.

Feedback from previous sessions...

  • What a fantastic setting for the event with a very relaxed approach from Richard who made the day. Incredibly welcoming on arrival with a lovely welcoming introduction to the day when all members had arrived. Very attentive to everyone's' needs and never stopped circulating within the group to assist us all to make the best out of our stone square.
  • It was amazing to see how much you could achieve in a single day with no previous experience. We all went away really pleased with what we had created. Richard is really skilled in his craft, was so supportive and always managed to find something positive to say about everyone's work even when things sometimes weren't going as the design had planned. A fantastic day and well worth promoting such a skilled profession. A great insight into such talent- thanks for putting this event on the calendar!!!
  • If you want to unleash your creative side, at the same time as learning a new skill, this is the course for you. I loved every minute of this course. It totally took my attention and focus away from everyday stresses and was something I could get totally absorbed in, with a fab product to take away at the end of it.

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