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Looking for an Activities Club in York?  Look no further! 

Spice is the UK’s largest Activities, Adventure, Social, Sport and Leisure Group for Adults.  With over 15,000 members nationwide (over 2,000 in the Yorkshire area), we offer an incredible range of events each month. 

York Spice Activities include almost anything you can think of from Walking the Yorkshire Moors to Husky Sleeding, From Halloween at York Dungens to Eden Camp, Gyrocopter Flights or to a simple Jazz Sunday lunch... and... Pub Meets, Badmington, Festive Frolics, Horse Riding, Flying, Tours, Dinner & Lunches....... the list is enormous.

The activities in York cover all aspects, fun, leisure, adventure, indoor, outdoor all in a group eviroment for both singles and couples.

Spice helps people achieve their dreams, life long ambitions and extend their social lives.  All for less than the cost of a pint of beer each week.

Activities York! 

So why not find out more about Spice or Join today and Invest in YOUR life!

  • Join a club with around 15000 members across the UK!
  • Your choice of around 100 events each month! 
  • Free events every month and then prices from as little as £6!
  • Events professionally organised for you - "you only have to book and turn up!"
  • Choose online or telephone booking service!
  • Choose digital or paper monthly newsletter!
  • FREE personal accident insurance to, from and at Spice events!
  • Some events offer tickets at rates lower than offered to the public!
  • Unique events you wouldn't normally have the opportunity to do!
  • You will be in the company of like-minded people!
  • Meet new people and make new friends!
  • Spice Extras Discounts - You have access to discounts at many high street retailers, insurace, holidays etc -  YOU COULD SAVE YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE IN DISCOUNTS!
  • You can book a place for a friend!
  • Regular holidays and weekends away without the 'single person supplement'!
  • Access to the Spice community notice boards!
  • You will always have something to do and friends to do it with!



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