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Spice Yorkshire - the Adventure, Social & Leisure Club

Welcome to Spice

The adventure, social and leisure group for everyone!

Spice Yorkshire has over 1,000 members right across the county. We have over 100 events every month to choose from, including adventure, social and leisure events, weekends and holidays - our members really do know how to live life to the full! And with more and more members joining every month, what better way  to make new friends and super charge your social life? Spice is a fantastic way to try new things and enjoy a more rewarding life, and with such a huge choice of adventure, social and leisure activities, feeling bored will be a thing of the past.

Our weekly email update offers over 20 events many new which have been added the preceeding days and you can review and book these live under the events section on our web site. Our range of activities on weekday evenings include sports, games nights, dance evenings and meals out and all you have to do is book, turn up and have fun! The Spice program is seasonal and not fixed, so there's always something new to look forward to, including weekends away and holidays.

News and Updates

To give us more room to add lots of news stories, our News and Updates can now be found on our Facebook page. Please keep checking, to find out about all the exciting things we get up to!

Spice is the easiest way to meet genuine like-minded people, have fun and do things within Yorkshire with a great group of friends. Established in 1981, we are part of the UK's largest adventure, social, and leisure group, with over 12,000 members nationally and a local branch near you.

We put on 100’s of adventure, social and leisure events each month in and around Leeds, Sheffield, York, Harrogate, Hull, Halifax, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield & Doncaster postcode areas, including weekends away, holidays and days out. Why not try our skydiving events, drive a Ferrari or challenge rugged terrain in a 4x4 with our driving experience days? Have a succulent meal on one of our dinner shuffles or meet friends on a pub night for a drink on one of our many social events? Or maybe fly off to an exotic destination with one of our holidays? One thing's for sure, with Spice, you'll never be bored again!

Spice offers a fantastic opportunity for networking and socialising whether you are new to an area or just want to expand your existing circle of friends. You can easily build a vast social network of like-minded friends doing activities that you love and never a boring moment in sight. Dont worry about joining on your own; 80% of our members join solo and there will be a coordinator at every event to make sure everything runs smoothly. To find out more about the events we have on offer simply click the events tab on the left handside of the screen!

Member Testimonial

"I look forward immensley to the regular stuff also, like Club Night and Badminton (when I can go). I do think Spice people have a refreshing, positive and more tolerant outlook on life that is very much lacking in the population at large. I think it's terrific when my colleagues are sat at their desks discussing what they're up to this weekend and they say stuff like sitting in the local, watching telly, doing chores, etc. Then they ask me and I can say "well, I'm going surfing/ llama trekking/ hill walking in Wales/ kayaking/ fire eating" or whatever it may be. Spice is Magic!" "

- Kathryn - Yorkshire (Y201)

Member Testimonial

"I was told so many times in my youth to 'Grow up and act my age'. Naaaaa! I don't think so!!! Just good to get back with a group of people who know what 'enjoying life means'!"

- David Sheffield (Y321)

Member Testimonial

""Joining SPICE was the best thing i ever did, it has reshaped my life, given me a new-found confidence and a whole new outlook, plus good friends and a wife!""

- Charles - Yorkshire (Y63)

Member Testimonial

"When I moved to Sheffield, Spice was important in helping me to get out and about, meet new people and make friends. I would recommend it to anyone moving to a new city as a way of settling in."

- Barry - Yorkshire (Y406)