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Who Joins Spice?

Our members are all ages (over 18) and include all backgrounds. From surgeons to solicitors, single mums to students, extroverts and introverts, singles and couples alike. What unites them is their determination to live life to the full whatever their circumstances or budget and bank balance. As events are aimed at absolute beginners, and with most members attending events on their own, the group puts great emphasis on ensuring that people feel welcome and at ease when they arrive at events, have an opportunity to mix and make friends quickly.

  • New and exciting experiences and challenges.

  • Opportunities for personal development and growth.

  • An instant social circle of like-minded, fun-loving people.

  • Encouragement to develop a positive attitude to life
  • Opportunity for increasing confidence and tremendous personal fulfillment.
  • Holidays and weekends around the world (and around the corner).

  • An unbelievable 'hobbies' section on your next CV.

  • Because life is too short to miss out on what we have to offer!


So go on  OR simply click here and send for our