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Current Spice online subscription fees (inc VAT)

Join Spice Yorkshire Activity and Social club today.

For less than a cup of coffee (£2.80) per week you can start enjoying Spice.

You can join SPICE online now using our Secure Payment Form. By simply following one of the links below you will be taken to the secure online registration form, or call the office on 0113 418 2818 (10am-6pm, Mon-Fri).

Standard (Monthly Direct Debit) £12 per month CLICK HERE
Couple (Same address Monthly Direct Debit) £18 per month CLICK HERE
Standard (Quarterly Direct Debit) £36 per quarter CLICK HERE
Couple (Same address Quarterly Direct Debit) £54 per quarter CLICK HERE
Standard (Annual) £144 per year CLICK HERE
Couple (Same address Annual payment) £216 per year CLICK HERE


However you join, your joining pack will be sent to you by return post; your log in details will also be emailed to you (please allow 1 working day for us to process your application).

REMEMBER: The Spice membership policy is; we aim to never increase your subscription rate whilst you remain a continuous fully paid up member, no matter how many years that you remain a paid up member with us.

There is no fixed term contract when joining Spice and you can cancel your membership subscription any time. Simply give us 14 days’ notice and we will cancel your membership from the date of the next subscription due date.

For membership enquiries, amendments, cancellations or any related membership matters please email: or call the office.